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Floral Favourites
Below are some of our best sellers 

presentation bouquet in red and whit Presentation bouquet

One of our most popular designs, this bouquet can come in range of colours or flowers.  the one in the picture is red lilies, red roses, cream roses, white bloom  chrysanthemums  a mix of carnations with pussy willow and seasonal greenery 
this bouquet starts from £29.95  please phone to order.  

golden flowers  with gerberas, carnations and roses


A golden yellow and orange arrangement of gerberas, carnations, roses and alstromeria  

 Mixed Flower Basket
Specially for Mum
This Basket has Red Gerberas, Purple Irises, Variegated Alstromerias and various green foliage in this specially for that special mum.
Price £25.00
Purple Flower Basket
Pinky Purple
This basket contains Pink with a yellow centre Alstromerias, Purple Irises and various green foliage.
Price £24.50
new life arrangement
This is a triangular arrangement in a ceramic vase.  With Yellow Roses, freesias, Hyacinths and Gypsophila.  It has an assortment of foliage. (Due to seasonality flowers may not be available).
Price £30.00
Red flower Basket  arrangement
Pink Flavour
This basket contains Big Bloom Pink and Cream Carnations, pink and cream spray carnations and various foliage.
Price £25.00
 Pink Floral Basket
Rather Pink
This basket has Pink Bloom Carnations, pink spray carnations, gypsophila and various foliage.
Price £18.00
Golden Floral Basket
Burnt Yellow
This basket has Big bloom yellow carnations, Variegated Orange spray carnations, burnt orange Chrysanthemum and various foliage.
Price £25.00
 Pink and white Floral Basket
Little Pinky
This basket jas Large Pink Rosesm Purple Alstromerias, Purple and white Crysanths and various foliage.
Price £30.00
Complimentary Floral Basket
 Pink Delight
This floral basket is presented in a softwood trug which contains Pink Bloom Carnations, White Bloom Carnations, scented pinks, Yellow Ranunculus, white chrysanths and various foliage.
Price £25.00
Peachy Floral arrangement
Just Peachy
This floral arrangement has Variegated Roses, Orange Spray Carnations, peach spray Carnations with a Phormium leaf and foliage.
Price £30.00
Brightly Floral Basket
Spring Touch
This arrangement has Various colours of Ranunculus's, White Bloom Carnations, Pink Spray Carnations, Yellow Chrysanths and foliage.
Price £18.50
Pink Floral Arrangement
Spring Cheer
This Pretty arrangment has Red and Pink Ranunculus's, Pink Bloom Carnations, cream spray carnations and various foliage.
Price £18.00
Sunshine Floral Basket
Yellow flavour
This basket has Yellow Bloom Carations, Yellow Crysanths, White crysanths and various foliage.
Price £25.00
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